Women Applaud Christian Louboutin's Nude Shoes for 'Every Woman'

Women are raving about shoe designer Christian Louboutin again -- but this time they're hailing the French designer's latest "nudes" collection.

The "nudes" collection features "skin-friendly hues" for "every woman." Two additional hues were added for spring and summer -- "porcelain Nude #1" and "deep chocolate Nude #7." In total there are seven shades and three styles to choose from; the shoes went on sale this week.

Bargains on high-end fashions abound in Palm Beach area

"We knew if somebody got a birthday invitation or some function on a Saturday night, we weren't doing it. Our weekends for that year were strictly devoted to going to Pensacola."

Max turned 1 while Scott was locked up, and Trinity chose to have only a small dinner at her home to celebrate. She later followed with a bigger party with Scott during visitation at the prison camp.

"I didn't want Scott to feel like he was missing out, and I didn't want Max to look back at pictures and realize that Scott wasn't in them," she said.

An uphill battle

Luxury Lineage: A Brief History of Jaeger-LeCoultre's Reverso Watch

In 1930 British officers in India faced a proto-First World Problem: how to stop errant polo balls from destroying their wristwatches. The next year Jacques-David LeCoultre partnered with Jaeger S.A. and came up with an elegant solution to protect those fragile crystals—an ingenious timepiece whose case swiveled back-to-front so the dial would be hidden.

Objects of Desire: Kathryn Thomas

I'm renowned for having parties in my house, but also for my music being all over the place. I have a wall of scratched CDs ranging from AC/DC to The Dubliners and Frank Sinatra. Things have greatly improved since I got Sonos wireless speakers (€619, Currys.ie), and can play music from my phone and listen to radio stations all around the world.

Björn Borg launches 'nude' collection for all skin tones

For the majority of fashion history, the word 'nude' was associated with light to medium skin tones, excluding darker skin colours in spite of 84 percent of the world's population being a skin colour which is other. However, over the years a handful of brands, such as Nubian Skin, and Christian Louboutin have taken steps to expand the word 'nude' to include all skin tones. Now, on Monday March 21, the United Nations Racial Discrimination Day, sportswear and underwear label Björn Borg has launched a new, underwear collection which aims to address every skin colour.


Spring officially starts on Sunday — and you can bet we have spring break on our minds. This season we're springing forward with a domestic getaway, starting with the fashion exhibits taking place around the U.S. From the Oscar de la Renta retrospective in San Francisco to the Fairy Tale Fashion exhibition in New York, we're planning to stay busy — and informed! — on everything style.

A burst of color with this season's must-haves

The season that evokes energy, color and life is has come and what better way to celebrate it than having a color-filled floral fairytale through this season’s must-haves.

Setting the mood for staples on stylish summer gatherings are department store Rustan’s trendy picks in soft and creamy pastel colors. Bring the quintessential country garden feel everywhere you go and fill your chic luggage with nature-inspired pieces from Josie Natori and Pedro Del Hierro.

This French supermodel made a brilliant point about a double standard in the fashion industry

French model Clémentine Desseaux made headlines in December when she appeared in a Christian Louboutin beauty campaign.
She made history as the first-plus size face of a major luxury brand's campaign, The Daily Mail reported at the time.

But she has some thoughts about the body positivity movement. She's apparently not a fan of how the industry appears to want curvy women to be naked all of the time.

Christian Louboutin Launches E-Boutique in Australia

Prepare your bank accounts ladies and gents because this is not a drill, you can now shop Christian Louboutin from the comfort of your own home.

Resisting those delightful red soles in store is hard enough, but now you can shop them any time, any where - and with free shipping and returns, nationwide no less.

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The e-store will be stocked with the full Spring/Summer 2016 collection for men and women and will also stock handbags.

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Although Cinderella ’s glass slipper is an imperative puzzle piece to her storу, Hill decided to highlight a few other footwear fables in this exhibit, like the gruesome storу of The Red Shoes and the original version of The Wizard of Oz.

“There ’s a historу of red shoes in fairу tales,” Hill said. “In the original Wizard of Oz, Dorothу ’s shoes were silver.”

But, because Technicolor was so expensive during the time the famous Metro-Goldwуn-Maуer ’s 1939 film was shot, Hill said filmmakers most likelу wanted to take advantage of the rubу hue.


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