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In 2013, at the invitation of the British Fashion Association and the Shanghai Fashion Association, to Showroom in the name of the pillars of the London Fashion Week Home of the Somerest House show clothing and accessories. Beats by Dr. Dre Introducing the ULTRA VIOLET Violet Series - a new series of vibrant, brand new Puri injected into the Solo3 Wireless wireless headset and the urBeats in-ear headphones.

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Now Banxue Xue, resigned from the 'exception' the main designer of the post, they set up a personal fashion brand BAN XIAOXUE. But in China is now renowned for a Group of fashion designers, the growth path of the class Xiao Xue is different from most of his peers. He did not have a good family background and study abroad. In his own words, 'should be regarded as a wild child, grew up in The environment in fact with the design of this road is far worse.

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So sexy women do not care whether the collar low-cut, eyes are enchanting, wearing a pair of flat shoes to the most natural temperament comes out enough. American Lauren Bacall1942 years in the United States and the United States of America, and later in many Hollywood movies have played some fashionable figure, which also paved the Lauren Bacall fashion road. From her stills and photos of life can be seen, Lauren Bacall is still more like ballet shoes, especially ballet shoes and large umbrella skirt with a special Dior wind, with this pair of Madewell The Nora strap shoes are just right.

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